Magna Carta - This is (1969)

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Magna Carta was originally formed in London on 10 May 1969, by Chris Simpson (guitar, vocals), Lyell Tranter (guitar, vocals) and Glen Stuart (vocals).

The band is renowned for their gentle ballad style and mythical subject matter. Although never purely a folk band, they managed to successfully bridge the gap between folk and folk rock. The trio released albums for Fontana Records and Vertigo Records, enjoying particular success with 1970's Seasons before Tranter returned to Australia. Davey Johnstone joined the line-up as his replacement, recording Songs From Wasties Orchard and In Concert with the band before leaving to work with Elton John, with whom he is still playing.
01. Times of change
02. Daughter daughter
03. Old John Parker
04. I am no more
05. Ballad of Francis Alabadalejo
06. Spinning wheels of time
07. Romeo Jack
08. Mid winter
09. Shades of grey
10. Emily thru the window pane
11. Sea & sand (The isle of Pabay)

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