Astrologers who were in business for thousands of years

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This is one reason many people cite their belief in pseudoscience. But what astrology is continued throughout this time? The human mind! We tend to describe the level of personalities such as high precision, of course, is vague and general enough to apply to many people, and we are led to believe they are designed specifically for us. Given an average reading horoscopes for Sagittarius to twelve people from two different zodiac signs saying it was designed especially for them, most have finished it was very accurate - if not perfect.

Although the experiments on these lines by the likes of major skeptics such as Richard Dawkins and James Randi, was the American psychologist Bertram R. Drill in which this idea in the world, and then we know today as the Forer effect. Drilling, however, referred to as "personal validation error. Sometimes it is also called "Barnum effect", a term given to this concept by the psychologist Paul Meehl after PT Barnum - the American scene said "there is something for all the notion that," a reference to its circus.

Explanation of the Forer effect

In 1948, BR Forer gave a personality test to his students and told them that their responses would be analyzed to determine their personality traits, as part of a separate experiment. After completing the personality traits, they hand her students and told them that the readings were "analysis of individual personality unique to each individual, determined on the basis of tests that have responded. Also asked to assess the analysis of the scale of 5, 5 for highly accurate results. What students did not know, is the fact that they were all "analysis report" the same and by Forer, statements on loan from various horoscope readings. He said:

"You need other people need to love and admire you. You tend to be critical of yourself. Do you think that a large amount of spare capacity is not turned to your advantage. Although you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate. disciplined and self-controlled outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside. Sometimes you have serious doubts that you made the right decision or done the right thing. preferably certain amount of change and variety and be happy when surrounded by restrictions and limitations. proud of you as an independent thinker and not accept the statements of others without sufficient evidence. got wise to be too frank in revealing to others. times you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, and you sometimes introverted, wary and reserved. some tend to have realistic expectations low. Security is one of your greatest goals in life. "

Know that they all gave the same reading, students rated their personality analysis at the scale of 5, and the average was found to be 4.26. The reading was so vague that it was certainly almost everyone Forer personality test was very accurate. We repeated the same test several times, and rarely fall below the average rating of 4. As you noticed, that most of these reports that you can see from the Drill applicable to all. These statements are statements Barnum "PT Barnum after the American scene known for its famous jokes and the ability to manipulate people with them. You do not need others to love and admire, and yet are critical of them themselves, by far the best example of Barnum's statement - the first sentence read Forer.

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