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Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 9:07 PM
If you are looking for a trick to easily upload pictures to the blog, then you can get a little reading my article on how to simplify uploading pics on the blog, and easy to perform image editing tips.
Picture or Image or Photo, whether on our computer or downloaded from the camera or from a web / blog sometimes the size is too big or too wide to be uploaded to the blog. For that we need to edit it first.
In terms of actually drawing a lot of editing software available. But this time I would like to discuss the software that is in the Microsoft office windows, because the default is usually already installed this software.

In this case I use: "Microsoft Office Picture Manager (MSPM)" look in the office windows. That is: Click Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Or another way: go to the folder where you store the images or direct dowload best free pics. Then open the image file (by clicking two times on the image).

By default (original) is usually an image program will open with "Microsoft Office Picture Manager".

Or if your image is not the default opening Microsoft Office Picture Manager, try the following manner:

A. Go to the folder where you store pictures on your computer hard drive.
2. Right click on the image
3. Then point the cursor to "Open With"
4. Select Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Image editing steps in the "Microsoft Office Picture Manager"
There are many features that Microsoft Office Picture Manager that we can use to edit a picture or photo. Namely:

* CROP: cropping images in a particular area.
* RESIZE: Change the size of the image dimensions.
* Contras + brightnes: Set the dark light of its image.
* Rotate and Flip: Rotate picture in a vertical or horizontal direction and can also play back according to the desired tilt angle.
* Compress: Usually this feature is to minimize the resulting image camera to measure the results will be uploaded to the website.
* Adjut Color: Adjust Saturation, Hue and Amount color of an image. We can create an image or photo into black and white photo or a photo as a classic cliché.

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