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To its title, at this time I will give you tips and tricks on how to play good poker, so that it can increase the coffers of our chips. first, this poker game is done directly face to face. However, in today's technological age many things can be done online, including in this poker game.

If you are searching in google with keyword 'online poker' then it will appear much the games that you can play poker online.
Playing poker is indeed rely heavily on the player's luck, but did not rule there are tips and tricks to bring good luck for us in playing poker.
Well here's a trick of my tips in playing POKER:

- Must Play Poker Patience.
Yes, sometimes you are too hasty in making decisions, resulting in an error. For example, betting chips that are too large values, whereas points on your card may not amount to much. No one who is always lucky in playing poker. They must have been won and lost, so be patient in making decisions. Playing poker, if you want to earn big profits, then all that passed in the tempo quite a long time. The advantage did not come in an instant. So, be patient. Play in a relaxed, plug chips are not too big, so if you lose you do not lose too much.

- At Play, Money Bring potluck
I always carry money / chips into the poker game of pickup. Because, the worst game of poker is all the money we sunk. Therefore, do not take online casino poker chips to be too much, so that losses can be reduced. Oh yes, sometimes there are people who bet too big, for example, 100,000. Whereas if we bring money into the game as much as 200,000, then to keep betting into the poker game you must spend a minimum of 100 000 as well. Means, if you lose, you will lose 100,000. however, if you take the money only 30,000, then to be able to continue your involvement in the game then you have to spend all that you bring the chips, worth 30,000.

Well, from here look right, if we lose by taking and betting chips 100 000, then 100,000 we will be forfeited. If we lose the bet carries and 30 000 chips, then 30 000 we will be forfeited. In fact, if we win, our profit margin will not be much different, among which with 100,000 to 30,000. However, there are significant differences when we lose. Which is better?

So, consider always bring chips into a pickup game of poker, is near the minimum limit.

- Determine Level Luck Card Poker.
Which I also do not know exactly, who has more chips will get a card that is more fortunate than the players who have fewer chips.

- If your first card is U.S. 10, K 10, Q 10, J 10, do not hesitate to pair all in, it is useful to bluff an opponent who does not like you have a good card, if you raise it little by little the opponent will try to buy card and the card hoping there was to be opened up his cards, but if you are all in from the beginning of the guarantee would be afraid of your opponent, most of which have come such a nice little card pair, but still exist on your win percentage. I also wonder I often experience something like this, perhaps already the formula by nature time yes. reference: lalala

- Save Big Chips Poker After Win
The next tips are stored chips you've won so big. Stand-up immediately from the game and then log in again with a smaller capital, to keep your chips. Do not allow your bait to whip out your chips are. play a little bit, and do not fall, because usually if you've won the game of Poker, it will feel lucky and then bet a lot. In fact, it is not always so right? ;)

- Remember Opponent Habits
Remember opponents habits, how he played. This will simply help you to find your opponent's game.

- Choose a Proper Sitting Position
Actually, the sitting position also affects loh. if we be the last road, then we can better know what your opponent will do, so they can better anticipate the game.

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