The Hollies - For Certain Because (1966)

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For Certain Because is the fifth UK album by The Hollies. This was also the first Hollies album in which all the songs were written by members Allan Clarke, Graham Nash, and Tony Hicks.
Retitled Stop! Stop! Stop! for the US and Canadian markets, this was the first Hollies album in which the track listing on both US and UK versions remained the same. In addition, other markets used the title Stop! Stop! Stop! when reissuing this album. In 1983, Liberty Records reissued this album as Pay You Back With Interest without the tracks "Stop! Stop! Stop!" and "High Classed".
Stop! Stop! Stop! was also the Hollies' last new album for Imperial Records in the US and Capitol Records in Canada. Their next album, Evolution, would be released in the US and Canada on Epic Records while remaining on Parlophone/EMI in the UK.
Stop! Stop! Stop! tells the story of a young man watching an exotic dancer who completely captivates him, so much so that he jumps up on stage to dance with her and promptly gets thrown out of the nightclub (presumably by a bouncer).
1. What's Wrong with the Way I Live
2. Pay You Back with Interest
3. Tell Me to My Face
4. Clown
5. Suspicious Look in Your Eyes
6. It's You
7. High Classed
8. Peculiar Situation
9. What Went Wrong
10. Crusader
11. Don't Ever Think About Changing
12. Stop! Stop! Stop!
13. After the Fox - The Hollies, Peter Sellers
14. Bus Stop
15. Don't Run and Hide
16. Reach out I'll Be There [Live]
17. Too Much Monkey Business [Live]
18. Stop! Stop! Stop! [Live]

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