Husky Rescue - Ghost is not real (2007)

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The intention of Husky Rescue might have been to make warm music for a cold life, but there's a chilly prettiness to their astonishing second album "Ghost is Not Real." The pretty Finnish pop is upped a notch, to windy tinkly experimental pop that sweeps out into the epic at times, before shrinking back to a delicate folk sound.

"This is my home/the place where I'm lonely/ghost... is.... not... real," Reeta-Leena Korhola intones over a rippling, windy pop tune, with her words punctuated by a xylophone chime. The song expands out into a sweeping, cinematic tune that blows across speakers like a chilly wind.

The band pulls back a bit for the folky "Diamonds in the Sky," bouncy synthpop, eerie ambient pop, tinkling rippling melodies full of handclaps, and gentle folk laced with chilly synth. There's even the three-part experimental song "Blueberry Tree": shimmering, sparkling wintry melodies filled with sunshiny songwriting.

"Country Falls" was an amazing pop album, but "Ghost is Not Real" takes the entire snow-folk sound to new heights. Maybe it's because the band expanded from only one regular member -- frontman Marko Nyberg -- to a four-five-person band.

But whatever the cause, it's about as appealing and colourful as the Northern Lights, but quirkier. The music is a smooth collection of solid guitar, flute and drums, forming a sort of folk base. A lot of these songs are catchy mainly because of them, but sometimes they fade out almost completely, except for a soft guitar strum or flute.
But the music is wrapped in a layer of chilly keyboard that tinkles, sweeps and whistles like winter wind. And Husky Rescue know how to make the music go wherever they want -- songs like "Blueberry Tree III" spiral up into the sky, growing more intense and painfully exquisite with each rising riff.
With music that intense, it's kind of a surprise that many of the songs are as sunny as they are, with stuff about sunbeams and "your smile in the stars." But they also dabble in more fearful topics: "I'm afraid to fall asleep for dreams/I belong to you/in this world, you're for me." And it's all sung in Korhola's pretty, childlike voice.
The ghost may not be real, but "Ghost Is Not Real" is a magnificent return for Husky Rescue, taking electronic pop up to new levels. Absolutely stunning. by E.A. Solinas
1. My Home Ghost
2. Diamonds in the Sky
3. Nightless Night
4. Blueberry Tree, Pt. 1
5. Blueberry Tree, Pt. 2
6. Blueberry Tree, Pt. 3
7. Hurricane (Don't Come Knocking)
8. Silent Woods
9. Shadow Run
10. Caravan

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