Lumbee - Overdose (1970)

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Originally known as Plant and See, a four-piece from Fayetteville, North Carolina. They were enjoying some success with a 45 and LP under their belt when their label White Whale went under and they were marooned. Determined to continue they got another contract which meant a change of name - so they chose to adopt the name of Lowery's native American tribe.
A strange album which came with a big cardboard insert for the 'Overdose' game, a kind of 'Monopoly' for stoned people! The lyrics are obviously drug-related (You Gotta Be Stoned, Veronica High) and the music is rather bluesy with some sound effects.
1. Tone Deaf
2. Veronica High
3. People Get Ready
4. You Gotta Be Stoned
5. Tone Deaf Jam
6. Streets of Gold
7. Whole World Is Down on Me
8. Whole World Is Sunny Upside Down

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