Talix - Spuren (1970)

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a highly-priced collector's item! TALIX had the typical vintage progressive sound of guitar
versus sax battles...
...some parts of the album are good, i.e. where the guitarist turned up the distortion to the
...they are comparable to their label mates NOSFERATU...
...TALIX later became PINGUIN, who released a much more keyboard-based album, called
“Der gro├če rote Vogel” for Zebra in 1972...The band Talix which recorded Spuren (1970) for Vogue changed their name into Pinguin (German spelling for 'penguin') in 1971
01. Spuren
02. Jeder Abschied
03. Herbstbegegnung
04. Lieben, Lieben, Lieben
05. Nicht Fur Uns
06. Liebe ist das Gewohnheit
07. Oh Mann
08. Elena

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