Bob Crewe Generation - Barbarella (1968)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 7:29 AM

One of the most well known kitsch films of the 1960s spawned a great soundtrack album by Bob Crewe and The Glitterhouse, with assistance from Charles Fox. A real 1960s party album with a great pop sound.
1. Barbarella
2. Goodnight Alfie
3. Spaceship Out Of Control
4. Ski Ride
5. The Hungry Dolls
6. Love, Love, Love Drags Me Down
7. Pygar Finds Barbarella
8. I Love All The Love In You
9. The Labyrinth
10. Pygar's New Wings
11. Fight In Flight
12. Entrance Into Sogo
13. Hello Pretty Pretty
14. Pygar's Persecution
15. The Black Queen's Beads
16. Dead Duck
17. The Pill
18. Smoke (Viper Vapor)
19. The Sex Machine
20. The Chamber of Dreams
21. The Destruction of Sogo
22. An Angel is Love

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