Deviants - Disposable (1968)

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Originally released in 1968,as this was their follow-up to their debut 'Ptooff' lp and nearly as good.'Disposable' simply continues the feat of showing off Mick Farren's off beat sense of humor.With cuts like "Sparrows And Wires","Let's Loot The Supermarket",the notable "Slum Lord" and "Normality",I personally thought that 'Disposable' was a true keeper.Line-up:Farren-vocals,Duncan Sanderson-bass,Sid Bishop-guitar and Russell Hunter-drums.Another outstanding late '60's UK piece of psychedelia to fully take in.
1. Somewhere To Go
2. Sparrows And Wires
3. Jamies Song
4. You've Got To Hold On
5. Fire In The City
6. Let's Loot The Supermarket
7. Pappa-Oo-Mao-Mao
8. Slum Lord
9. Blind Joe 'Mcturks Last Session
10. Normality
11. Guaranteed To Bleed
12. Sidney B. Goode
13. Last Man

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