The Leaves - All the good that's happening (1967)

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The Leaves were an American garage band formed in California in 1963. They are best known for their version of the song "Hey Joe", which was a hit in 1966. Theirs is the earliest release of this song, which became a rock standard.
An uneven album, and understandably so because the group was disintegrating at the time it was made. The band's folk-rock sound is still its strongest side, and they play hard on numbers like "Twilight Sanctuary" and "With None Shoes," and give good accounts of Donovan's "To Try For the Sun" and Buffy St. Marie's "Codine." They get into a good dance groove on a cover of Jimmy Reed's "Let's Get Together" and the band original "Officer Shayne" (spoiled by a silly chorus), and achieve a sweet, languid spaciness on "On the Plane." Much of the rest is weak, however, and the group's psychedelic efforts here, "The Quieting of Oliver Tweak" and "Lemmon Princess," are embarrassingly fey compared with the psychedelic numbers on their prior album. Only Bobby Arlin was left at the finish of the sessions, and he padded the album out with the guitar-dominated, almost totally instrumental blues-oid "Flashback."
1. Twilight Sanctuary (2:35)
2. One In The Middle (2:33)
3. On The Plane (2:34)
4. Officer Shayne (2:50)
5. Let's Get Together (2:50)
6. Introduction To A Cartoon Show (0:34)
7. With None Shoes (2:20)
8. To Try For The Sun (2:58)
9. Codine (3:55)
10. Flashback (The Rhythm Thing) (4:16)
11. The Quieting Of Oliver Tweak (The Stone Freak) (2:22)
12. Lemmon Princess (2:02)

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