Tobruk - Tobruk (1972)

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Tobruk was formed by some North-American guys living in Brazil, and the album got released in 1972 on the Cash Box label.
"Theme from My Mind," taking full advantage of a psychedlic mood using an organ. This second track, probably works out the best and the vocalist even has a bit of Beefheartian swagger to his growl. Unfortunately, the vocalist here isn't the main man for the group, which is effectively a bummer. Alongside his blues growl is some pretty dark, acerbic guitar noise. It's no Velvet Underground, but if the Doors couldn't cop a jazzbo for its soloing needs it might have sounded like this - an early highlight.

In 1972 Tobruk probably sounded as tripped out and ready for revolt as any other group of ex-pat Americans living the diaspora. But one than needs to wonder how they all wound up in Brazil. The music that the band set to tape incorporates nothing from their adopted homeland. And assumingly, since the disc is in English and not Portuguese, it didn't impact the culture too much.
01. I'm In Love With You
02. Theme From My Mind
03. Queens Are Made
04. Hello Crazy People
05. Heart Of A Sound Spirit
06. Ad Lib
07. Send It For Tomorrow

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