Blue Hollow - Stealing a Whisper (1985)

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Blue Hollow was a Boston-area band that started out as the Gluons. They released a 4-song e.p. in 1983 featuring mid-tempo punkers that were representative of that time and place. Two years later, they re-invented themselves as a more serious post-punk/goth outfit, incorporating careful use of synthesizer in spots, and the slightest prog-like increase in length.

These guys broke from the music scene by recording 8 tracks of varying sophistication, most highlighted by an atmospheric accent. This sound is strongly reminiscent of Chameleons UK, but with fewer guitar overdubs and political themes. Great tracks are "Raining Down," title track, and "Hearts Hang Souls," the latter containing some nice 12-string guitar. Also good are "Color of Night" and "Stranger." Although mostly arty and professional sounding, there is still punky primitiveness to some of the drum and bass lines, as if they were unsure of how quickly they wanted to evolve. But for the most part, the production does an outstanding job of giving each instrument plenty of space. Every hard pound of the drum, and every little guitar line and guitar pick scratch counts.
1.Color of Night (4:19)
2.Inhale (4:11)
3.Raining Down (5:09)
4.Blue Hollow (7:27)
5.We Fall (4:09)
6.Hearts Hang Souls (5:31)
7.Wildskin (3:11)
8.Stranger (4:27)

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