Ensemble Pittoresque - Frequenz (1984)

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Dutch Band. pioneers of electronic music. Ensemble Pittoresque, the music collective from the early eighties representing the minimal-electro genre created two classic albums. In 1983 they realesed 'For This Is Past' on Clogsontronics records. In 1984 their second album 'Frequenz' came out. In the heart of The Hague, Paulus Wieland and Richard Neumöller hooked up with whiz technician Ton Willekes. Recordings were made from 1977 to 1984. To overcome a lack of dynamics Wieland and Neumöller later turned to three fellow musicians: Ed van Hoven, Marion Prinz and Biko.
voice, soundtracks, drumcomputer, guitar: Richard Neumöller
bass, crashcymbal: Ed van Hoven
guitar, synthesizer: Paulus Wieland
synthesizer, voice: Marion Prinz
synthesizer, trumpet: Le Biquo
producer & engineer: Ton Willekes
sleeve design: Peter van Wijland Tieman
VIP records 200.006
Release: 1984
Recorded at SociaMedia studio in the Hague februari / march 1984
A1 Urban Catastrophy 4:25 Neumöller
A2 Sound it is 2:44 Neumöller
A3 Frequenz 2:29 Neumöller
A4 My baby is a waitress 2:51 Neumöller / Biquo
A5 Sleepwalking 4:17 Neumöller / Biquo
A6 Train grande vitesse 3:30 Tazelaar
B1 The Mouthshut 4:44 Neumöller
B2 Program 3:19 Neumöller
B3 Presidennekie 3:33 Neumöller / van Hoven
B4 Several sunsets 3:50 Neumöller / Willekes
B5 Shift 17 2:44 Neumöller

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