The Ceyleib People - Tanyet (1967)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 7:46 AM

Amazing psych-raga bluesy rock from this underrated "classic" project by Ry Cooder. With a lot of inventions and variations, this music conciliates eastern buzzing ragas to rocking energy and synth progressive orchestrations. The opening track (divided into 5 parts) features a catchy bluesy vibe, nice percussions parts and evocative, dreamy like flute passages. Rapidly, the composition explores in a meditative style sitar / flute combinations...after 3 minutes, we have the return of Ry Cooder's typical guitar sound, communicating with inspired "ethereal" keyboards and buzzing sitar strings. It finishes with violin like strings with some expeditive classical covers...really enigmatic and passionate song. The second composition (for 6 parts) also alternate bluesy rock interludes and raga sonorities...featuring very catchy melodies and rhythms. Impressive bluesy-folky-psych raga fantasias!
A Aton I 10:00
a. Leyshem
b. Zendan
c. Ceyladd Beyta
d. Becal
e. Ddom
f. Toadda BB
B Aton II 11:14
a. Dyl
b. Ralin
c. Tygstl
d. Pendyl
e. Jacayl
f. Menyatt Dyl Com

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