Creation of Sunlight - Creation of Sunlight (1968)

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Almost nothing is known about this west coast pyschedelic-pop band from the late 60s. It seems like they went through 3 name changes and 2 recording deals in 1968 and then vanished. But not before leaving us with a monumental LP of breezy sunshine psych.
They started off as Sunlights Seven and recorded an LP entitled Sunstroke in 1968. This recording never got beyond the acetate stage by DCT Recorders and is a monster, monster rarity that has not been reissued.
After the Sunstroke project was scrapped, the band hooked up with Windi Records and recorded a 7" under the name of Sunlight. This 7" consisted of Colors Of Love and Sometimes A Woman and was released under catalogue number W-1001 and W-1002. The versions of these songs are different than the ones that appeard on their LP.
Finally settling on the name Creation Of Sunlight, they continued recording for Windi, finally releasing their self-titled LP and one 7" later in 1968. The 7" contained LP versions of David and The Fun Machine on Windi W-1005 and W-1006.
Their self-titled album on Windi WS-1001 contains 10 songs, 8 of which are original compositions with Gary Young and Jerry Griffin doing most of the songwriting duties. Interestingly, the credits for David, which was not written by the band, differ on the 7" and the LP. The entire album is absolutely great, loaded with organ and fuzz guitar just oozing with that acid and sunshine vibe. Original copies of this LP almost never turn up for sale and when they do, expect a really nice copy to reach four figures. This is one of the (too) few rarities that can musically justify their price tag. The only vinyl reissue has been a European bootleg on the "Windi" label. This is a nice sounding and nice looking job and it too seldom comes up for sale. A legitimate CD reissue on Mystic 7 has been released and is easily available.
1. David
2. Rush Hour Blues
3. Light Without Heat
4. In the Middle of Happy
5. Hammond Eggs
6. Sometimes a Woman
7. Second Thoughts
8. Seven Times Infinity
9. Colors of Love
10. Fun Machine

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