The Speakers - En El Maravilloso Mundo de Ingeson (1968)

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Their fourth self-titled album from 1968 was a major advancement for the Speakers, as it was crammed with excellent originals that mixed garage pop and acid rock. Later that year the group released it’s final album, the psychedelic masterpiece En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson (In the Wonderful World of Ingeson). A record such as this could only be released independently as it was too far out for major labels to market. Ingeson was notable for being the first Columbian rock record to use multi channel recording techniques which enabled the band to introduce all kinds of strange sound effects to the record buying public. When the lp was released in 1968 it came in a gatefold edition that included a 12 page full-color booklet with photos of the band by Danilo Vitalini, text, drawings, and even a replica of an acid hit! The album has a very cool lo-fi sound and its only flaw is the out of place Historia De Un Loto Que, a silly blues rocker with sped up alien-like vocals. That being said, the rest of this record is great and as whacked out as any of the early Mutantes records.
1 Por la mañana
2 Oda a la gente mediocre
3 Hay un extraño esperando en la puerta
4 Si la guerra es un buen negocio
5 Reflejos de la olla
6 Historia de un loto que florece
7 Niños
8 No como antes
9 La Banda Le Hace A Ud. Caer En Cuenta Que...
10 Nosotros, Nuestra Arcadia, Nuestra Hermanita Pequeña, Gracias Por Los Buenos Ratos
11 Un Sueño Magico
12 Salmo Siglo XX, Era De La Destruccion

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