13th Floor Elevators - Live in San Francisco (1966)

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While much of the 13th Floor Elevators’ popularity today rests upon their studio albums and 45s, this wasn’t always the case. Especially not in Texas, where the Elevators first became famous as an outstanding live act, with a combination of ferocious drive and dark mystique that was unlike anything seen before. When the Psychedelic Sounds LP was released in late ‘66, some fans in their hometown Austin felt it was missing a bit of the captivating energy they associated with the band. Even Tommy Hall, the band’s lyricist and intellectual nexus, stated in a 1989 interview that “our real show was live”.
The ’66 set sounds fantastic – in a raw, semi blown out/distorted way, but this isn’t a random audience tape…there is a little tape phase, but basically all instuments are loud & proud & Roky’s vox are even more manic & helium infused than on the first album. The set is mostly the first album plus some covers: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, the Beatles, the Kinks – they get into an extended workout with Tommy Hall jug treatment of “You Really Got Me,” & this song might be the highlight of the set, which overall resides on the garage side of the garage/psych spectrum, mostly due to the covers.
01. Everybody needs somebody to love
02. Before you accuse me
03. You don't know
04. I'm gonna love you too
05. You really got me
06. Splash I
07. Fire engine
08. Roll over Beethoven
09. The word
10. Monkey island
11. Roller coaster

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