David Axelrod - Songs of Experience (1969)

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With this album Axlerod based the songs upon the poetry of William Blake, definately a concept type piece.
The album's one of Axelrod's first on his own, cut for Capitol Records at a time when he was working with some of the label's biggest selling soul acts, like Cannonball Adderley and Lou Rawls turning their already-successful sounds into super-hit material by adding some nice funky touches, and excellent baroque production.

"A Poison Tree" and "A Little Girl Lost" are the first two tracks and show Axelrod’s usual heavy orchestration with strings, a loud violin, harpsichord and a strong Chamber Music sound.

"London" is much better with its keys playing and Carol Kaye’s walking bass. The "Sick Rose" goes through a number of parts, each led by a different instrument beginning with the guitar, then strings, and finally an organ joins in at the end. I like the second side much better with the harpsichord and light melody of "SchoolBoy", and bass again "Human Abstract", "The Fly", and the slow developing "A Divine image".
01 The Poison Tree 3:10
02 A Little Girl Lost 3:29
03 London 2:49
04 The Sick Rose 4:49
05 The School Boy 2:31
06 The Human Abstract 5:33
07 The Fly 4:52
08 A Divine Image 4:36

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