Miles Davis - Miles in the sky (1968)

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Miles in the Sky is an album recorded in January and May 1968 by the Miles Davis quintet. It is notable for the first use of electric piano and electric guitar on an issued recording by Davis, a foreshadowing of his move into fusion music over the next few years.

Although the album was released shortly after recording, the tracks come from different sessions which show different stages of Miles Davis's evolution from acoustic jazz to electric "fusion" music. "Paraphernalia" features George Benson's electric guitar, although it is more conservative in style than the earlier "Circle in the Round", which was not released until the late seventies. "Black Comedy" and "Country Son" are Davis's last return to the acoustic quintet format in the studio. "Stuff", with its electric bass, Fender Rhodes piano and binary rhythm, is in yet another idiom, that of the forthcoming Filles de Kilimanjaro.

"Paraphernalia" was the only composition from this album to enter Davis's live book.
01. Stuff
02. Paraphernalia
03. Black Comedy
04. Country Son

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