Country Joe & Fish - Electric Music for the mind & body (1967)

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Electric Music For The Mind And Body, Country Joe and the Fish's debut album, was one of the first psychedelic albums to come out of San Francisco in 1967. Many timed their acid trips to peak during Country Joe and The Fish performances at The Avalon or The Fillmore, where they were frequent performers.

Tracks from the LP, especially "Section 43", "Grace", and "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine" were played on progressive FM rock stations like KSAN and KMPX in San Francisco, often back-to-back. A famous version of the song "Love" was performed at the 1969 Woodstock Festival
1.Flying High (2:45)
2.Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine (4:28)
3.Death Sound Blues (4:30)
4.Popoise Mouth (2:55)
5.Section 43 (7:30)
6.Superbird (2:11)
7.Sad and Lonely Time (2:30)
8.Love (2:28)
9.Bass Strings (5:07)
10.The Masked Marauder (3:16)
11.Grace (7:03)

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