I'm so hollow - Emotion / Sound / Motion (1981)

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I'm So Hollow was one of the many Sheffield bands that formed in 1978. The "Hollow" sound came after several months of practice sessions in the cellar at Joe Sawicki's parents house. They played their first gig with ClockDVA in the Penthouse Club in Sheffield. Many gigs followed with bands like Vice Versa and their biggest gig at the Leeds Futurama festival in 1980, of which a clip is shown in 'Made in Sheffield'
They released their first single in 1981 and signed up with llluminated Records soon afterwards. In September, just before the release of their album 'Emotion/Sound/Motion', they decide to split up feeling they had achieved their ambitions with I'm So Hollow.
Subtle variations characterize the most interesting songs. Check "Unbroken Line", (based on a slow-motion piano pattern & horror synth effects), "Touch" (set upon a line of feedback, robotic beat & warm vocal harmonies), "Emotion/Sound/Motion" (whose first part is a moody synthscape, while the second part explodes to a suspenseful rhythm groove).
01 Entrance
02 Which Way..?
03 Unbroken Line
04 Touch
05 Collisions
06 Excitement = Change
07 The Triangular Hour
08 Emotion / Sound / Motion
09 Nosferatu
10 Distraction

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