Rainman - Rain Man (1971)

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Under the name “Rainman” was the solodebut of ex- Q 65 guitarist Frank Nuyens presented in 1971. It was a remarkable good record and was far removed from the music of the notorious Q 65. It was typically early seventies laid-back music. Frank wrote most of the music himself. The LP was recorded in the famous GTB-studio in The Hague and partly in the Bovema Studios in Haarlem. On the record he was assisted by well-known musicians as ex-Cuby drummer Dick Beekman and former Q 65 colleague - drummer Jay Baar
02.natural man
04.vicious circle
05.don't make promisses
06.you will be free by me
07.money means nothing at all
08.get you to come through
09.she told me so
10.they didn't feel
11.the joy that is inside

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