Ben Christophers - My Beautiful Demon (1999)

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With a fragile-to-the-point-of-breaking voice like Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and the soulful singer/songwriter background of Jeff Buckley, Ben Christophers is a remarkable discovery for anyone who thinks the former's gotten a tad too willfully obtuse and the latter's gotten a tad too, well, dead. But co-writer/producer David Kosten takes Christophers' raw, passionate talent and provides dazzling arrangements that range from funky and futuristic to lush and textural. The album opens with the haunting title track, which allows Christophers' shimmering guitar and yearning vocals to hang in open space, adorned with only minor synths and samples that lend an ambient, hypnotic appeal. "Give Me Everything" couldn't sound more like an OK Computer outtake, cranking the amps up to ten for an arena-ready anthem that rides atop an infectious, off-time rhythm. But Christophers' emotional songs also show an incredible attention to detail. Lines like "I'm thrown, it's like you're still here/in among my heart/I'll always sleep on my side/even though you're gone" plumb the depths of heartache, while a throw-off phrase like "Your smile is shining like a razor blade" paints poetic pictures that cut to the heart. But the most effective track is the closer, "Skyscraper," a gorgeous lullaby with an achingly beautiful chorus: "Goodnight silver star/Goodnight angel's eyes/From the skyscraper/the world turns out of sight." By the end, you're ready to jump on board the bandwagon before the rest of the world catches on.
01. My beatiful demon
02. Give me everything
03. Before the winter parade
04. Stay
05. It´s been a beautiful day
06. Sunday
07. Healer
08. Remote control
09. Always
10. Skyscraper

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