Raven - Raven (1969)

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Raven was first discovered internationally by then Beatle, "the late George Harrison." In 1968, Harrison was sent a live tape recording ("Live at the Inferno") of the band by Raven's personal manager, Marty Angelo. Harrison liked the tape and sent a telegram to Angelo expressing his desire to produce Raven for the Beatles newly formed record label, Apple Records. Harrison's interest in Raven is mentioned in a Beatles' tell-all book entitled, The Longest Cocktail Party. Angelo writes more about his experiences with Harrison and Apple Records in his book, Once Life Matters: A New Beginning. More on Raven HERE!!
01. Feelin'Good
02. Neighbor, Neighbor
03. Green Mountain Dew
04. No Turning Back
05. Let's Eat
06. Howlin' For my Baby
07. Frumpy
08. None of your Jive
09. Bad News

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