Kaleidoscope - Incredible (1969)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 3:27 AM

The musicians in this band are all first rate, with chops and groove to spare. Why this band is so obscure is beyond me. Of course, I then set out to find everything they ever recorded! Yes, they are that good!

"Incredible Kaleidoscope" is full of exploration. The first track, "Lie To Me" is a very groovy middle-eastern psychedelic rocker with exceptional rhythm section work from the newest members at that time, the amazing Paul Lagos (Drums) and Stuart Brotman (Bass).

Track 2, "Let the Good Love Flow" is a slightly goofy country rock tune with some nice violin work from Templeton Parcely.

Track 3, is Kaleidoscope's take on Howlin Wolf's"Killing Floor". Once again, the rhythm section is laying it down, clean! Lagos turns in a swinging, jazz tinged solo while Brotman supplies the funk.

Track 4, "Petite Fleur" is straight outta the bayou. How many rock bands will even attempt cajun music, let alone succeed?

Track 5, "Banjo" highlights David Lindley's championship banjo playing.

Track 6, "Cuckoo" is a tough hard rock groove complete with Max Buda's scorching harp riffs.

Track 7, "Seven-Ate Sweet" is possibly the apex of Kaleidoscope's studio recordings, a ferocious fusion of middle-eastern and hard rock, in a fluid 7/8! And all the band members blow amazing solo's! Especially Solomon Feldhouse on Clarinet and Oud! One of the great unknown 60's long tracks!! An all time favorite!!

I am a fan of all of their recordings and recommend them all. A compilation might be a better place to start and most of them feature the stronger tracks on this album.
1. Lie to Me
2. Let the Good Love Flow
3. Killing Floor
4. Petite Fleur
5. Banjo
6. Cuckoo
7. Seven-Ate Sweet

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