King Adora - Vibrate You (2001)

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Albums such as King Adora's Vibrate You come along every couple of years. Albums by bands such as Hanoi Rocks, Manic Street Preachers, Suede, Atari Teenage Riot and Supergrass--brash young glam-sleaze merchants, borrowing heavily from the wannabe supermodel smack addict imagery of the New York Dolls, the full-on subversive pop charm of the Kinks, Pixies and whoever else supplies a vibrant explosion of youth and colour, and with their own set of rules. And thank God for that. Rock needs all the deviant scum it can get. Vibrate You is superior to most of its breed because it never loses sight of the year in which it was made--so there are plenty of electronic samples and squelchtastic dance beats--or that pop music should be brief and glorious, two minute spurts of excitement. The lyrics flirt with controversy, of course--"Big Isn't Beautiful" is written through the eyes of a male anorexic, "The Law" is a depraved tale of debauchery, while a title like "Supermuffdiver" is self-explanatory. For all these reasons, King Adora's debut is addictive, jagged and totally sexy.
1. Smoulder
2. Bionic
3. Big Isn't Beautiful
4. Friday Night Explodes
5. Aftertime
6. Law
7. Whether
8. We Are Heroes
9. Super Muff Diver
10. Asthmatic
11. Music Takes You
12. Suffocate
13. Scream And Shout
14. Aceface

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