Nickel Bag - Doing Their Love Thing (1968)

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Released on the Kama Sutra label in 1968. Arranged by Larry Fallon.

They played the Red Lion a lot. In the summer of 1969 The Nickel Bag toured with Steppenwolf and played with The Turtles, The Buckinghams, The Flock, The Fifth Dimension, The Shadows of Knight, and others. Their bassist Bill Brackin also substituted as bass player for the Seeds of Doubt, another local C-U band a couple of times when their bass player was sick.
01. How do I love thee
02. A red, red rose
03. Lover's litany
04. The night is darkening around me
05. She walks in beauty
06. Shall I compare thee
07. God's gifts
08. She was a phantom of delight
09. Tears, idle tears
10. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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