Alain Goraguer - La Planete Sauvage (1973)

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The classic soundtrack to the fantastic cult trippy French animated movie. Laid-back grooves and funky tracks make this an incredible listening experience. Sampled by hip-hop favourite Quasimoto on the album "The Unseen".
La Planète Sauvage was the original French title for the 1973 movie Fantastic Planet (although the actual translation of "La Planète Sauvage" is "The Wild Planet"). The great news was there was a soundtrack album to the movie that also came out, originally on the EMI/Pathé Marconi label. The original LP has became quite a rare and sought after item, only now it's been reissued. Anyway, the music is by Alain Goraguer, same guy who did music for other French films, including two other animateds that I'm aware of, The Dead Times (Les Temps Morts) (1964) and The Snails (Les Escargots) (1965), both by the same makers of Fantastic Planet (René Laloux, Roland Topor). While both of these films tended to have a more avant-garde jazzy score, the music to Fantastic Planet has a more progressive funky score. If you can imagine Pink Floyd meets Shaft, you get sort of an idea. The music consists of synthesizers, flute, Hohner clavinet, guitar (with lots of wah-wah effects), bass, and drums. Variations of themes do recur, which makes more sense when you've seen the film. It's hard to believe that a soundtrack album to a movie that's known by so few was ever made available, but its true. If you like the movie and enjoyed its music, you'll like the album, but the music on the album is a bit different from the movie itself.
1. Deshominisation (II)
2. Deshominisation (I)
3. Generique
4. Le Bracelet
5. Ten et Tiwa
6. Maquillage de Tiwa
7. Course de Ten
8. Ten et Medor
9. Ten et Tiwa Dormet
10. Ten est Assome
11. Abite
12. Conseil des Draags
13. Les Hommes - La Grande Co-existence
14. La Femme
15. Mira et Ten
16. Morte de Draag
17. L'Oiseau
18. La Cite des Hommes Libres
19. Attaque des Robots
20. La Longue Marche - Valse Des Statues
21. Les Fusees
22. Generique
23. Strip Tease
24. Meditation des Enfants
25. La Vielle Meurt

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