Faine Jade - Introspection (1968)

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The Introspection LP comprises 10 songs that make up a minimalist psychedelic masterpiece. Using a few overdubs, the recording relies on the five-piece instrumental lineup behind Jade's decidedly Anglicized Long Island accent. The opening "Doctor Paul Overture" sets the stage for an album bursting with curiously of-center British-influenced psychedelic pop. "People Play Games" reveals Jade's hippie-era lyricism magic lanterns, scarlet scissors, and crystal cornucopia, while its percussive intro and jungle play-out suggests The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows." "Ballad Of The Bad Guys" has a garage attack that benefits its title; A Brand New Groove" features a guitar riff that could have worked for the Rolling Stones; "Don't Hassle Me" proclaims the generation- gap chorus; "No-o-o! Don't you hassle me/ I'm trying to be young/ I'm trying to be free." The title track "Introspection" leans toward a catchy folk rock, while "Cold Winter Sun" allows Manzi to repeat a lick echoing "Than He Kissed Me" before launching into a clearly mismatched power trio vamp. Jade enshrines his Brit-pop-folk-garage rock influences in the imaginative "I Live Tomorrow Yesterday," an upbeat number that sounds like a hit single. "Grand Finale", a five-minute instrumental experiment, closes the LP with a layered mix of effects, backward tracking, and studio dissonance.
1. Doctor Paul Overture
2. People Games Play
3. Cold Winter Sun Symphony In D Major
4. I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday
5. Ballad Of The Bad Guys
6. Introspection
7. A Brand New Groove
8. On The Inside There's A Middle
9. Don't Hassle Me
10. Grand Finale
1. It Ain't True
12. Love On A Candy Apple Day

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