The Zig Zag People - Take Bubble Gum music Underground (1969)

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In the end everything you love and cherish will be bastardized for the sake of profit. Just take a look at all the cartoons you adored as a child; the Chipmunks have been hip-hopified, the Transformers have been used as a tool to sell General Motors vehicles, and soon the studios will put out Thundercats, He-Man, and G.I. Joe films. For in this capitalist society dead dogs never lie, their corpses are just strung up like Marionettes and used to sell vacuum cleaners. And music is no different.

For in the late sixties aspects of the “hippie” fashion and music were being co-oped by “The Man” (The Man is always capitalized). I know near to nothing when it comes to fashion and considering this is a music blog I should probably talk about psychedelica’s bastard child, bubblegum pop. Bubblegum pop really took hold in about 1968, coincidentally this was only a year after many seminal psychedelic albums were released; like Da Capo, The Doors, Surrealistic Pillow, Are You Experienced?, and The Piper At the Gates of Dawn. Bubblegum pop acts, especially those from Buddah Records, started compiling contrived pop songs using elements from psychedelic groups, like echo and reverb, to give tracks an illusion of creativity (some songs were basically knock-offs of classic hits). This didn’t go unseen though, for The Zig Zag People, a mysterious band, decided to take bubble gum music to a place it hasn’t been prior or since, the underground.

The Zig Zag People Take Bubble Gum Music Underground is an album that truly baffles me, not the music itself but the fact that it was actually made. This record is almost entirely covers, covers from bands that they insult throughout this album and sometimes with some venom (they insult Buddah Records on “Sally Goes to the Dentist”). But, don’t be afraid though for the Zig Zag People give each of these songs some well needed soul, which was an item that the original artists forgot. Along with the passionate performances, an array of numerous diverse influences can be seen throughout the entire album ranging from jazz, blues, and r&b to acid rock and the more experimental aspects of psychedelic music. The reason the Zig Zag People can touch upon so many genres is that they are extremely talent musicians, the guitarist wails on each and every song. And with everything the Zig Zag People take songs that I would avoid like a genital disease and turn them into tracks that I really enjoy. For the Zig Zag People turned the table on the world, for they took a cookie-cutter corporate form and turned it cool. But, my childhood has still been stolen. Review found on revolutionary sounds.
01 - little bit of soul. 4:45
02 - hanky panky. 5:55
03 - simon says. 4:52
04 - yummy, yummy, yummy. 5:36
05 - sally goes to the dentist. 5:05
06 - 123 red light. 5:37
07 - chewy chewy. 8:18
08 - indian giver. 6:07
09 - peel it off your face. 4:49

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