Camel - Mirage (1974)

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Mirage is Camel's second album, released in 1974. Their self-titled debut Camel came before this one in 1973, and The Snow Goose came after it in 1975.

Mirage is one of the group's most remembered albums. It features their best-known song, "Lady Fantasy", and is also a showplace for Andrew Latimer's flute, notably on "Supertwister".

There are only 5 tracks on this record, two over 9 minutes. Those two are multi-part epics: "Lady Fantasy" and "Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider", the latter being about The Lord of the Rings. It was released on Deram Records. The album's cover art very closely resembles the cover of the Camel cigarettes packet.
01. Freefall
02. Supertwister
03. Nimrodel/The procession/The white rider
04. Earthrise
05. Lady fantasy
06. Supertwister (Live at the Marquee)
07. Mystic Queen (Live at the Marquee)
08. Arubaluba (Live at the Marquee)
09. Lady Fantasy (unreleased version)

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