Rascals - Once upon a dream (1968)

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Once Upon A Dream is a 1968 album by rock band The Rascals. It was the band's first album billed under this name; they had, for legal reasons, been known as The Young Rascals until this time. The album rose to #9 on the Billboard Top LPs chart.

Once Upon A Dream was received differently by fans and critics. Many consider this album to be the band's best work, while others insist that it was too different from their traditionally rhythm and blues influenced music. Lead vocals came from both Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere, as well as from Eddie's brother and unofficial band member David Brigati (on "Finale: Once Upon a Dream") and Gene Cornish on his own number, "I'm Gonna Love You."

The album was re-released on August 28, 2007.
01. Intro: Easy Rollin'
02. Rainy Day
03. Please Love Me
04. Sound Effect
05. It's Wonderful
06. I'm Gonna Love You
07. Dave & Eddie
08. My Hawaii
09. My World
10. Silly Girl
11. Singin' The Blues Too Long
12. Bells
13. Sattva
14. (Finale): Once Upon a Dream

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