The Moon - Without Earth (1967)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 2:28 AM

What do you get when you combine a Beach Boy (David Marks), an Arrow (Larry Brown of Davie Allan & the Arrows) & garage rock legend Matthew of the most unjustly overlooked studio aggregations of the 1960s.The Moon's only two lps that were released/recorded back in '67 & '68 are quite ahead of it's time, considering the debut lp was done on a three track, the later on a 4 track! The sound is hugh with psych "analog" punch (especially the bass). Although the debut lp "Without Earth," is a little bit bright (nothing a good EQ can't change), there's still that big bottom end "full of wall" sound. Nevermind the some songs are killer "Beatles (think Magical Mystery Tour era) Psych style" full tilt. Others that have over the top hooks, and even one track that has sort of a funk groove (Got To Be On My Way) going on. The real candy psych tracks- Pleasure, I Should Be Dreaming (backward drums), Brother Lou's Love Colony, Someday Girl, Papers, and Faces, keep you coming back for more and more.
1. Mothers And Fathers
2. Pleasure
3. I Should Be Dreaming
4. Brother Lous Love Colony
5. Got To Be On My Way
6. Someday Girl
7. Papers
8. Faces
9. Never Mind
10. Give Me More
11. Shes On My Mind
12. Walking Around

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