Wipers - Youth of America (1981)

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Youth of America is the second album by the punk band Wipers. The album marks a distinctive change in the band's sound. Compared to its predecessor Is This Real?, which was composed mostly of raw, sleek and relatively traditional songs, Youth of America features much longer and complex compositions; the title track alone clocks in at over 10 minutes. This change of pace was according to Greg Sage a deliberate counter-reaction against the trend of releasing short songs, which many punk bands did at the time. The album was, according to Sage, not well-received in the United States at the time of its release, though it did fare better in Europe. Along with other records by the Wipers, Youth of America has since come to be acknowledged as an important album in the development of American underground and independent rock movements of the early 80s.
01. No Fair - 4:25
02. Youth of America - 10:30
03. Taking Too Long - 3:05
04. Can This Be - 2:55
05. Pushing the Extreme - 3:15
06. When It's Over - 6:30

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