Colourbox - Colourbox (1985)

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Colourbox were an English electronic outfit on the 4AD record label in the 1980s. They attempted an electronically-tinged reggae and soul-influenced pop music, constrained by the technology they had access to at the time. They released a number of records from 1982 until 1987. The band was formed by brothers Martyn and Steve Young, with guest singers until Lorita Grahame joined as a permanent member in 1983.

The band finally had an international hit in 1987 with "Pump Up The Volume" a collaboration with A R Kane under the name M/A/R/R/S. The song was notable for being constructed almost entirely from samples of other records, a novelty for a popular record at that time. The pressures of sudden success and the long running litigation caused by the use of samples ended up causing the band never to record again
1. Sleepwalker
2. Just Give 'Em Whiskey
3. Say You
4. The Moon Is Blue
5. Inside Informer
6. Punch
7. Suspicion
8. Manic
9. You Keep Me Hanging On
10. Arena
11. Edit The Dragon
12. Hipnition
13. We Walk Around The Streets
14. Arena II

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