Under Milkwood - Under Milkwood (1970)

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What little has seen print about Under Milkwood suggests that their self-titled 1969 album might have never been released, or only escaped in very limited quantities (though it's subsequently been reissued on CD). Even if it had come out, it probably wouldn't have made a significant impression in the very crowded field of late-'60s acid rock. In its gentler folk-rockier moments, in particular, it recalled Jefferson Airplane and Fairport Convention (two other acts that prominently featured female lead singers and male-female harmonies), though their material wasn't nearly as good. In its harder moments it bumbled from shapeless bluesy psychedelic hard rock to odder passages with shades of jazz and classical music, though those songs were rather chaotically structured.
Empty Room
Changing Seasons
Tell Me
Forgottne Bridge
Digital Music Services
Sandwiches Rock 'N' Roll
Lost Youth
Ballad of the Spirit of the World
Final Song

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