Nina Hagen - Nunsexmonkrock (1982)

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Before there was Madonna, there was the Anti-Madonna. Madonna (the artist) was so sexy it was almost scary; Nina Hagen was so scary it was more than a little sexy. After two albums and a little time off for bad behavior, Nina came to New York City looking for a fight, and she found it with Nunsexmonkrock. It is a startling, visionary record, one of the milestones in the evolution of the female rock icon. Originally tagged as a punk, Nina quickly came into her own as an artiste, welding large chunks of punk, dub and the paranormal and displaying it in her distinctive (an understatement) possessed polyglot. It was kind of Yoko Ono meets Marianne Faithfull in the wild Eden of Kate Bush’s garden. To hear “Born In Xixax,” “Cosma Shiva” or “Future Is Now” is to enter the bizarre, blissed-out universe of Nina Hagen. It helps that the backing band is purely professional: session players Chris Spedding, Allan Schwartzberg and Paul Shaffer are the straight men that Hagen and Karl Rucker need to pull off a cosmic joke of these proportions. So how does it come to be that a Nina Hagen doesn’t dwarf a Madonna in the minds of young girls? Tell me that somewhere, in a wonderful gothic corner of the world, teenage girls were raising their fists in the air, communing with inner space and outer space, practicing their come-hither-so-I-can-kick-your-ass glances and not just standing in front of the mirror in a Madonna pose looking like a Geisha girl who ran through a Frederick’s of Hollywood with double-sided tape stuck all over her body. Otherwise, ladies, you have no one but yourselves to blame: A Nina Hagen doesn’t come around very often
01. Antiworld
02. Smackjack
03. Taitschi-Tarot
04. Dread Love
05. Future is now
06. Born in Xixax
07. Iki Maska
08. Dr Art
09. Cosmic Shiva
10. UFO

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