Pražský Výběr - Straka v hrsti (1988)

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In 1982 Pražský výběr recorded their new wave album, some tracks also appeared in Juraj Herz’ avant-gardist movie Straka v hrsti (A Magpie In The Hand). But before the record was ready for a release in 1983, both the movie and the group were banned by the authorities and the musicians were prohibited from performing in the public for nearly two years. The album was withdrawn and destroyed before even reaching the shelves. However, it didn’t take very long and someone managed to smuggle a copy of the master tape out of the recording studio archives, giving a couple of cassette copies to friends who themselves made copies and gave them to their friends and so on, quickly making Pražský výběr the best known rock group in the country.
The record was subsequently released in 1988!
01 Hrabě X 5:15
02 Na václavském Václaváku 2:22
03 Straka v hrsti 4:21
04 Pražákům je hej 5:05
05 Můj koníček 3:53
06 Bangabasava 2:29
07 S.O.S. 4:39
08 Zubatá 2:49
09 Tango Ropotámo 1:25
10 Proč jen já 5:54
11 Nádraží 3:40

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