Wendy & Bonnie - Genesis (1969)

Posted by Amelia Swhizzagers On 1:10 AM

This is a very cool album. While it is definitely a late-'60s period piece, it's appeal is timeless. The Flower sisters had a dark-angel harmony. Their moody take on the world is both innocently wide-eyed, yet wise beyond their tender years (17 and 13). The musicianship, by a soft-psychedelic stable of first-rate session players (guitarist Larry Carlton, drummer Jim Keltner, keyboardist Mike Melvoin, etc.) under the guidance of lounge-jazz wizard Gary McFarland (Producer), is superb, adding colorful atmospherics and breezy Brazilian washes. This album was obscure -- the original record label went out of business shortly after the album came out in 1969 -- but it has had a deserved cult following for decades. Tim and Laetitia of Stereolab are known to be big fans (Tim called it "undeniably a great LP"), and it's obvious why -- Wendy and Bonnie had trail-blazed a similar musical path 25 years before. The voices are gentle, but never vapid. The arrangements are sophisticated, and the songcraft is solid. Genesis manages to avoid many of the cliches of late '60s SF psychedelia.
01 Let Yourself Go Another Time 2:35
02 The Paisley Window Pane 2:58
03 I Realized You 3:42
04 By the Sea 4:03
05 You Keep Hanging Up on My Mind 2:58
06 It's What's Really Happening 2:15
07 Five O'Clock in the Morning 2:42
08 Endless Pathway 3:38
09 Children Laughing 2:45
10 The Winter Is Cold 2:34

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