The Motions - Electric Baby (1969)

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All over the 1969 musical map with wildly varying results. Some of the material is maudlin pop, some of it is post-psych jamming, some standard rock. Only a handful of the sounds merit additional listens. The title track is an intense rocker, the instrumental(ish) "Slow Motion" has a distinct Booker T feel to it, but manages to come into its own with subdued solos and a fine laid-back groove worthy of any seedy dive. Jazz and pop meld nicely in "Shilly Shally", held together by a mellow flute and dominant acoustic guitar melody. "Little Boys Life" is the standout track here, sounding not only different from the rest of the album, but from most rock albums; lead by the catchiest clarinet hook I've ever heard and twisted around an almost theatrical style that sometimes sounds like the quirks Danny Elfman portrayed on early Oingo Boingo records. Also quirky is "Hey Everybody", an uptempo parade melody with helium-induced vocals that are so silly, they sabotage what might have been a decent pop single.

If you can pick this up cheap, it's certainly worth owning, just be prepared for being thrashed back and forth from one style to the next. Diversity in musical styles can be a refreshing thing, but it doesn't usually sell many records
01. It's Alright (3:34)
02. Wedding of the Hundred Brides (2:25)
03. What's Your Name (1:05)
04. Illusions (3:38)
05. Looking in My Eyes (5:35)
06. Freedom (2:56)
07. Electric Baby (1:45)
08. As Long as I Have You (4:05)
09. Eliza (3:36)
10. Slow Motion (6:44)
11. Little Boys Life (1:48)
12. Shilly, Shally (4:34)
13. Hey Everybody (2:41)

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