The Associates - Fourth Drawer Down (1982)

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'Fourth Drawer Down' is a compilation of singles the group produced in their pre-'Sulk' days. All those who enjoyed the maddening synth aspect on the following album will probably seek most enjoyment from the offerings here. Sadly, the tunes so promiment on 'Sulk' are largely absent on this collection; harsh synths and sinister unapproachable rhythms are very much the order of the day. The few bright moments occur when a deviation from the abrasive formula is utilised such as 'The Associate' and 'Kissed', both of them are instrumental efforts whereas 'Tell Me Easter's On A Friday' possesses a more mainstream feel. Oddly, Mackenzie's vocal mannerisms work best on 'Blue Soap' as he croons his way through the track whilst in the bath and its preferable to him using a hoover as a microphone on 'Kitchen Person'. A brave excursion into sonic experimentation this may well be, but sometimes it's best to be clever rather than smart-arsed.
01 White Car In Germany
02 A Girl Named Property
03 Kitchen Person
04 Q Quarters
05 Tell Me Easter's On Friday
06 The Associate
07 Message Oblique Speech
08 An Even Whiter Car
09 Fearless (It Takes A Full Moon)
10 Point SI
11 Straw Towels Kissed
13 Blue Soap

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