Kaleidoscope (US) - Side Trips (1967)

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Like a mind-boggling combination of Summer of Love acid-rock, goodtime saloon music and a Middle Eastern jam session, Side Trips, the debut album by Kaleidoscope, stood out, even in the eye of the psychedelic hurricane, as something altogether different! Staffed by a hall of fame roster of multi-instrumentalists--David Lindley, Chris Darrow, Solomon Feldthouse, Chester Crill (aka: Fenrus Epp) and John Vidican--this San Gabriel Valley, Calif.-based combo cut their dazzling 1967 album with a startling arsenal of instruments that included banjo, fiddle, doumbeg, mandolin, viola, saz, bouzoukee, dobro, vina, authoharp, oud and clarinet. When they entertained the wide-eyed customers of San Francisco's Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms and Los Angeles' Ash Grove, they frequently employed flamenco and belly dancers onstage. Just like the see-through tube with bits of colored glass and mirrors that gave the band their name, the Kaleidoscope was never the same, no matter which way you turned it!
1. Egyptian Gardens
2. If the Night
3. Hesitation Blues
4. Please
5. Keep Your Mind Open
6. Pulsating Dream
7. Oh Death
8. Come on In
9. Why Try
10. Minnie the Moocher

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