The Cryan Shames - A Scratch in the Sky (1968)

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The Cryan' Shames are an American pop rock group from Hinsdale, Illinois. They originally formed as The Travelers, with founding members Tom Doody ("Toad"), Gerry Stone ("Stonehenge"), Dave Purple ("Grape") of The Prowlers, Denny Conroy and Jim Fairs from The Roosters, and Jim Pilster ("J.C. Hooke"). The band later changed its name to The Cryan' Shames in 1966. J.C. Hooke, having been fitted for a hook as he was born without a left hand, was responsible for naming the group because of the problem they had coming up with a name ... "being a Cryan' Shame."[cite this quote]

After signing with Bob Monaco, the promotion manager for Destination Music, their first hit single was "If I Needed Someone", which was not released in the US (but included on their debut album). It was soon followed by "Sugar and Spice," a Tony Hatch song that was a hit in 1964 for the English group The Searchers. The Shames' version reached #49 in the USA (while reaching #4 on local radio WLS).

They signed to Columbia in 1966, and while they never were to become a national success, their singles and albums continued to sell very well in the Chicago area.

The group disbanded in December 1969, but reunited again and continues to tour. Jim "J.C. Hooke" Pilster is the only remaining orginial member of the current lineup. Two charter members of The Cryan' Shames have since passed away: bassist Dave Purple in June 2001 and his replacement Isaac Guillory on December 31, 2000.
1. A Carol for Lorelei
2. The Sailing Ship
3. In the Cafe
4. Mr. Unreliable
5. The Town I'd Like to Go Back To
6. Up on the Roof - The Cryan' Shames, Goffin, Gerry
7. It Could Be We're in Love
8. Sunshine Psalm
9. I Was Lonely When
10. Cobblestone Road (She's Been Walkin')

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