Skip Bifferty - Skip Bifferty (1967)

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Skip Bifferty was a rock band formed in early 1966, when The Chosen Few (Featuring Alan Hull, later of Lindisfarne) from Newcastle upon Tyne changed their name and got a new singer, Graham Bell. Their outings on vinyl were few and far between, but included the much re-issued 1967 album Skip Bifferty, recently released with bonus Radio tracks as "The Story of Skip Bifferty" on Sanctuary Records. Some of their songs were covered by established artistes such as Cilla Black, The Tremeloes and The Kingsmen ("Louie Louie"). They had a following on the "live" circuit and are remembered with great affection. Their manager was Don Arden, father of Sharon Osbourne.

They went through some personnel changes (Paul Nichols drums on Heavy Jelly). Bassist Colin Gibson went on to work with Ginger Baker, Bert Jansch, Alvin Lee, Van Morrison amongst others. John Turnbull (gtr) and Mick Gallagher (Pno) reappeared in 1977 as The Blockheads, backing Ian Dury.
1. Money Man
2. Jeremy Carabine
3. When She Comes To Stay
4. Guru
5. Come Around
6. Time Track
7. Gas Board Underdog
8. Inside The Secret
9. Orange Lace
10. Planting Bad Seeds
11. Yours For At Least
12. Follow The Path Of The Stars
13. Prince Of Germany The First
14. Clearway

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