Stone psychedelic freaks Robin Williamson and Mike Heron were two talented multi-instrumentalists who were eventually joined in the Incredible String Band by their earth-goddess lovers, Licorice and Rose. They tapped into the British Isles' centuries-old traditions of myths and folklore, updating the ancient sounds with inspired, multi-layered recordings and a modern twist that helped you envision fair maidens riding unicorns through green and fertile fields while simultaneously advocating better living through chemistry. Hell, the title alone of this, their second album, is more psychedelic than anything the Jefferson Airplane ever did
1. Chinese White
2. No Sleep Blues
3. Painting Box
4. The Mad Hatter's Song
5. Little Cloud
6. The Eyes of Fate
7. Blues for the Muse
8. The Hedgehog's Song
9. First Girl I Loved
10. You Know What You Could Be
11. "My Name Is Death
12. Gently Tender
13. Way Back in the 1960s

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